About Us

Our aim is to take on the responsibility of improving and protecting your business computing environment.
We appreciate technology when it is reliable, fast, affordable and easy to use.

Providing outstanding IT services is what we love and do.

Our team has been trained to possess a practical and business-focused work ethic.
We do not like using acronyms. We do not like talking bits and bytes.
That is what makes our union different.

Being on time is crucial for the DNA IT team – a delayed customer is no happy customer. We enjoy finding new ways to improve the productivity of our clients using proven technology, not bleeding edge technology. When it comes to solving problems, we are conscious of time and business pressures. Call us for all things IT related – our knowledge of technology is yours for the taking.

From troubleshooting smart phones, through to developing websites, we form loyal clients who trust our advice on all matters.

Stuck with an IT-related issue and with no one to call? Not to worry. Our specialised team also works weekends.

We enjoy hiring people who are passionate, experienced, good communicators, and those who have empathy and understanding towards the businesses we support.

If you are within Canberra and have any IT-related questions, we would love to sit down over a coffee and discuss with you how we could improve and protect your business environment.

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